Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 18 on the Fast Metabolism Diet - 5/16/13

YEAH!  We have lost some weight this week - FINALLY!  It was a very busy day with baseball and dance this evening, we didn't eat until after 7, but it all worked out.  I didn't end up working out because I started getting a headache shortly after eating - not sure what the deal is stress and I have tomorrow off! 

Morning Weigh In:
Kiana: 152.2 lbs
Anthony: 243.8 lbs


Breakfast @ 7am:
Egg whites with peppers and a slice of turkey bacon

Snack @ 10am:

Beef jerky and celery

Lunch @ 1pm:

Chicken and vegetable soup

Snack @ 4pm:
Chicken deli meat and cucumber

Dinner @ 7pm:

Steak and broccoli


Notes on Food:
Had soup that I had frozen from last week - it still taste good as if I made it the day before.  I'm definitly going to keep that in mind for next time.  I also need to invest in some good containers that work well in the freezer and invest in a deep freezer since there is no space in mine right now!

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