Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 17 on the Fast Metabolism Diet - 5/15/13

And, we are at a stand still!  Seriously WTH - so frustrating, but I'm going to stay on the positive side of this.  We are learning how to eat healthy foods, made at home and without processed ingredients.  I'm starting to plan for what's next and it definitely includes incorporating what we've learned from the book into our day to day lives, specifically clean eating and making a lot of our meals ourselves.  And, it includes a ton more working out!  I'm ready to get back into either a cycle of P90X or perhaps a P90X/Insanity/TurboFire Hybrid!!

Morning Weigh In:
Kiana: 153.6 lbs
Anthony: 245.0 lbs


Breakfast @ 6:45am:
Egg whites with red and green peppers and a slice of turkey bacon

Snack @ 9:45am:

Beef filet and cucumber

Lunch @ 12:45pm:

Panera salad with balsamic vinageratte

Snack @ 3:45pm:
Deli chicken slices and celery

Dinner @ 7:15pm:

Grilled chicken and asparagus

P90X Shoulders and Arms

Notes on Food:
I went to Panera to have a salad for lunch - Yum!  I was THAT girl that changed the entire salad up, but hey, I got the veggies that I was able to have today and the lady was really nice - although she did look at me funny when I said that I didn't want a side (bread, apple or chips), but just a pickle spear would be fine.

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